Terms and Condition for Accommodation Contract

Article 1: Scope of Application
Contract for Accommodation and related agreements to be entered into between this Hotel and the Guest to be accommodated shall be subject to these Terms and Conditions. Any particulars not provided for herein shall be governed by laws and regulations and/or generally accepted practices.
When our Hotel has agreed to conclude a Special Contract without conflicting with ordinance and established practice, the said Special Contract shall prevail.
Our Hotel does not provide any services other than accommodation.
Article 2: Application for an Accommodation Contract
The Guest who intends to apply to our Hotel for an Accommodation Contract will be required to provide our Hotel with the following particulars:
(1) Name(s) of Guest(s) to be registered.
(2) Date(s) scheduled for overnight stay and estimated time of arrival.
(3) Accommodation charge (according, in principle, to the basic accommodation charges).
(4) Other information considered necessary by our Hotel.
In the case that the Guest has requested, during his/her stay, an extension of an overnight stay beyond the date described in (2) of the preceding Paragraph above, our Hotel (Ryokan) shall handle his/her request as a new application for an Accommodation Contract which has been made at the point in time when the said request has been made.
Article 3: Conclusion, etc. of the Accommodation Contract
The Accommodation Contract shall be considered to have been concluded at the time when our Hotel (Ryokan) has accepted the application described in the preceding Article, unless our Hotel has certified that our Hotel has not accepted the said application.
When the Accommodation Contract has been concluded under the provision of the preceding Paragraph, the Application Money payable for the period scheduled for overnight stay as prescribed by our Hotel shall be paid by the date set by us.
The Application Money shall first be applied to the final payment of the Accommodation Charge payable.
In the case that the Application Money described in Paragraph 2 of this Article has not been paid by the date set by us as stipulated in the same Paragraph, the Accommodation Contract shall become invalid, but limited only to the case where our Hotel has notified the Guest to that effect at the time when prescribing the day due for payment of the Application Money.
Article 4: Refusal of the Conclusion of the Accommodation Contract
The following are cases where our Hotel will not accept the conclusion of the Accommodation Contract:
(1) When application for accommodation is not based on this Contract.
(2) When there is no room available due to full occupancy.
(3) When the Guest seeking accommodation is considered likely to behave in violation of the provisions of the ordinance, public order or good public morals.
(4) When the Guest seeking accommodation is considered to be a member of a gang, or is considered to be authorized with a gang and other antisocial group.
(5) When gang group or gang members are associates with corporations or other bodies in control of business activities.
(6) When a corporate body related to people to gang members seeks accommodation.
(7) When the guest seeking accommodation behaves extremely in a mischievous way towards our hotel employees or makes request far beyond reasonable range.
(8) When the Guest seeking accommodation is clearly considered to be a patient of an infectious disease.
(9) When demanded a special burden concerning accommodation.
(10) When natural disaster, trouble with facilities, and other unavoidable causes prevent the Guest from staying at our Hotel.
(11) When the guest is drunk and believed to cause trouble in the neighborhood or when the guest acts in a manner which causes extreme trouble with other guests.
(12) When the guest brings in hazardous items (ie. Flammable items such as stoves and petroleum) or items hazardous to the human body.
(13) When the guest comes in conflict with Article 5 of the Enforcement Ordinance for the Kyoto Prefectural Hotel Business Law
(14) When the Guest has come in conflict with application listed in Article 11 in the past.
Article 5: Reservation Cancel Charges
In cases where the guest cancels all or part of the reservation, the Hotel will ask for payment of cancelation charges.
Terms for cancellation charges: 100% of accommodation cost for the first reserved night for cancellation made on the day of accommodation. 50% for cancelation 2 to 7 days prior to the accommodation, and 30% for cancelation 8 to 21 days prior to the date of the accommodation.
When guests do not show to check in before 9 p.m. or within two hours of the scheduled arrival time without noticing the hotel (9 p.m. being the latest check-in time), the hotel will presume that the reservation has been canceled by the guest and will handle as a cancelation.
When the number of days of the reservation is shortened, the cancellation charge for its first day shall be paid by the Guest regardless of the number of days shortened.
In cases described in the preceding paragraph, when the Guest can prove that the Guest was not liable not to appear without any notification due to no arrival or delay of train, flight, or any other public transportation, the Hotel will not request the cancellation charges as listed in Paragraph 1.
Article 6: The Right to Cancel Accommodation by Hotel
The following are cases where our Hotel may cancel the Accommodation Contract:
(1) When the guest corresponds with Article 4 Section 3 thru Section14.
(2) When information in Article 3 Paragraph 1 is not provided.
(3) When payment listed in Article 3 is not made by the due date.
In cases where the Accommodation Reservation has been cancelled in accordance with the preceding paragraph, the Accommodation Deposit will be refunded if it has already been made.
Article 7: Registration
Guests will be asked to complete and fill out and provide information of the following, on the day of the accommodation at out Hotel:
(1) Information listed under Article 3 Section 1
(2) Foreign guests will be asked to give information concerning nationality, passport number, date time and point of entrance and departure.
(3) Other information needed by our Hotel. Fees listed in Article 9 will be asked to be made beforehand, or in case of payment by credit card, will be asked to do so via travel agent.
Article 8: Check-in and Check-out Time
Check-in time is from 3 p.m. and check-out time is until 11 a.m.
The Guest may only use the guest room of our Hotel is listed in the preceding paragraph, except when advised by our Hotel.
Guest staying for more than one night in succession, will be able to use the guest rooms throughout the day (excluding the day of arrival and departure). Hotel staffs will enter guest rooms between 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. to conduct housekeeping.
Article 9: Payment of Accommodation Fees
Payment of the accommodation fees, etc. described in the preceding Paragraph shall be made in currency or by other alternative means acceptable by our Hotel, such as accommodation coupon, credit card, etc.

Breakdown Content
①Basic Accommodation Fee Hotel charges and breakfast
②Additional food and drink Food and drinks outside of breakfast and dinner, and other expenses
③Service fee 15%of the sum of ①②
④Tax A: consumption tax (10% of the sum of ①②③)
B: bathing tax
Article 10: House Regulations
The Guest shall abide by the House Regulation established by the Hotel, within the premises of the Hotel.
Article 11: Refusal of Continuance of Accommodation
Our Hotel will refuse to continue providing accommodation, even during the reserved term, under the following circumstances:
(1) When corresponding to terms listed under Article 4 Section 3 through Section 14.
(2) When the guest welcomes people who are not registered as guests.
(3) When guest do not abide by terms listed under Article 10.
(4) When the guest smokes in bed room or vandalizes fire protection facilities, or does not comply with the matters prohibited by our Hotel.
Article 12: Liabilities
Responsibility of this hotel concerning accommodation starts from the time the guest is registered at “i-Satellite”, or when the Guest enters his/her room, whichever occurs earlier, and terminated at the time the Guest leaves his or her room to check-out.
Should the guest room contracted for the Guest under the Accommodation Contract becomes unavailable for him/her due to a fault of the Hotel, our Hotel shall try to offer other accommodation facilities under the same conditions as the original Accommodation Contract as far as possible, unless this is not possible due to natural disasters, etc. Accommodation fees will not be charged for day that the guests are not able to stay at our Hotel.
Under the circumstances listed in the preceding paragraph, we shall not pay for compensation charge surpassing the accommodation fee.
Our Hotel does not provide any services other than the stay.
Article 13: Handling of Deposited Articles
The Hotel does not handle or keep deposited articles.
The Hotel does not hold any responsibilities for lost or damaged/broken items, currency, and valuable items brought into the facility by the guests, unless the hotel purposefully causes it.
Article 14: Handling of Baggage and Personal Belongings
We do not handle Guest’s baggage prior to the stay.
In the case that baggage or personal belongings of the Guest are found left behind after he/she has checked out, our Hotel will safekeep the item for 7 days. After this period, valuable items will be reported and handed in to the police, and other items will be discarded.
Article 15: Parking
The Hotel does not have any parking areas.
Article 16: Responsibility of Guests
In the case that our Hotel has suffered damage due to the intention or fault of the Guest, the Guest will be required to compensate our Hotel for the said damage.
Article 17: Jurisdiction and Applicable Laws
Any conflict caused by this Term and Conditions for Accommodation Contract is to be resolved in Kyoto’s District Court and Kyoto Summary Court, which has authority for the area where the Hotel is located, under Japanese law.
Reference: Breakdown of Accommodation Fee

Basic accommodation fee charged to Guests are for room costs only.
The Hotel does not have child rates. (Same fee will be charged for children over 6 years old. No fee for co-sleeping children, who do not need extra beds, under 6 years old.)
Article 18: Regulations for Condolence Money for Hotel Guests
The Hotel shall provide Condolence Money for Hotel Guests in the event of the death of a hotel guest during his/her stay with the Hotel, due to circumstances caused by the Hotel.

“Kuraya” Terms and Condition

To ensure commonality and safety of the Hotel, we ask the Guests to abide the following terms listed under Article 10 of “Kuraya” Terms and Conditions.
In cases where guests will not abide by the terms listed, we will discontinue the accommodation accordingly to Article 11 of “Kuraya” Terms and Conditions.
Use of firearms that may cause fire in the Hotel premises is forbidden.
Smoking is prohibited throughout Hotel premises.
The Hotel is a wooden building located in a residential area. To avoid annoyance for neighbors, please refrain from talking loudly or singing, or any behavior that may disgust others.
Do not bring the following into Hotel premises:
(1) Animals and birds
(2) Items that release foul odor
(3) Items in large quantity
(4) Volatile or ignitable items such as explosives and gasoline.
(5) Firearms and bladed weapon that are not legally approved.
(6) Marijuana and any other illegal drugs.
Refrain from gambling and behaving in any demoralizing manner in the Hotel.
Do not bring unregistered visitors into the room. Refrain from moving, changing, taking out, items equipped to the Hotel, or using equipped items for purpose than the original.
Do not attach items to the buildings and facilities of the premises, or move them to other places.
Using the bath while being intoxicated is prohibited.